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Chance has been waiting at the animal shelter for a long time for someone to adopt him. When visitors come to adopt, he always behaves his best in hopes they'll pick him. Day after day he watches as the other dogs are adopted, but he's still waiting for his family. Then one day, he hears a man laugh on the other side of the door, and Chance just knows this is someone he'd like to know. When the man meets Chance, he decides Chance is the perfect dog for his family and adopts him. Finally, it's Chance's lucky day.

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Setting the Record Straight

November 8, 2022

My first books were novels. They spanned the genres from Women’s fiction to Young Adult to Middle Grades. This foray into the children’s picture book world was a very new and, at first, unintimidating, prospect. I mean, seriously, how hard can it be to write a children’s picture book? As long as I had an…

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