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Fifteen-year-old Mackenzie Wheatland is sure she can never trust a guy again after her ex-boyfriend trashes her on social media. Determined to put the anger and embarrassment behind her, she vents in a post on the anonymous app, Kryptic.

She’s surprised when a stranger offers comfort. Suddenly, she has a confidante — an older guy who is empathetic, funny, and best of all, has the maturity to know how to treat a girl right. At first, she hesitates when he suggests they start texting, but it seems innocent enough to accept his kindness and compliments since he’s across the state. After weeks of sharing, Mackenzie believes she’s met the guy of her dreams. Except, they haven’t really met.


When he agrees to adopt a dog from the animal rescue where she volunteers, she’s psyched that they’ll finally meet face-to-face. But, within minutes of meeting him, she fears the man of her dreams might actually be her worst nightmare.

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April 16, 2020

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