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Abby’s family already has a dog and two indoor cats, so they’re not looking for more pets. Then, Abby finds pawprints in the snow that lead right into their horse barn and belong to a cat that has made itself at home in the hay.

Abby wants to adopt the cat, but first she must find out if it belongs to someone else. Second, if it’s homeless, she has to convince her parents that three cats isn’t too many for their family.

Is her family ready for the surprises this cat will bring?

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Co-Authors: Blending Creative Brains

April 16, 2020

For most authors, writing is a solitary pursuit. There’s no one with whom you have to consult on names, plot ideas, character actions or motivations. There’s also no one to argue with your decision if you suddenly want to veer from the original story line. All of that changes when you decide to collaborate on a writing…

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